Ways to Give

We were  able to get this grant and use the money to put towards things to put in our sensory room that would help a student regulate their body when they became overwhelmed or over stimulated.

Your Donations Matter

Donations go towards funding mini-grant programs for teachers, a para-to-teacher scholarship program, hall of fame events, and awards for district staff, administrators, and teachers. Previous fundraising efforts helped purchase a school bus to build the Little Red Reading Bus, which is a mobile library that visits West Fargo neighborhoods and holds reading events throughout the community.

Your Time Matters

Your time is a priceless gift that has the power to create meaningful change for our community. Your generosity of time not only impacts our schools but also inspires others to join in the spirit of giving. Together, through the collective efforts of individuals like you, we can create positive ripples of change that echo far beyond the city limits of West Fargo. Your time is a precious resource—let’s make it count.

New/Used Goods Donations

Donating new and used goods to classrooms is a powerful way to support education and enrich the learning experience for students. Contributions can make a significant difference in the resources available to teachers and students. Every donated item represents an investment in the future, ensuring that students have access to the tools and materials they need to succeed in their academic journey.



Looking for More Ways to Donate?
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