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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

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The West Fargo Educational Foundation wishes to honor those committed to excellence at West Fargo High School and those who have made lasting impacts in their communities.  The Hall of Fame inductees serve as a positive reminder for all West Fargo students that through hard work and perseverance, no goal or dream is out of reach.  Please take a moment to nominate a deserving individual or team. The Hall of Fame Event which honors the inductees and is open to the public will be held during Homecoming Week at West Fargo High School.


Outstanding Alumni

Do you know an outstanding alumni? Someone who is distinguished by their unwavering commitment to excellence, service, and leadership in their respective fields and communities. Their enduring legacy is defined not only by their accomplishments but also by the enduring mark they leave on the world, shaping a brighter future for generations to come. Their impact resonates far beyond their time and place.

Outstanding Community Member

Does someone stand out in our community? An outstanding member of a community is characterized by their dedication to service, compassion, and inclusivity. They actively contribute to the well-being and growth of their community, and selflessly demonstrate a genuine commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others, creating a more vibrant and thriving environment for all.

Outstanding Faculty

Is there a faculty member that made a difference? An outstanding faculty member is characterized by their unwavering dedication to their students with a genuine commitment to student success, going above and beyond to support and mentor students both inside and outside the classroom. Their profound dedication and contributions make them invaluable assets to the community as a whole.

Outstanding Team

Was there a team that rose above the others? An outstanding team is characterized by its cohesion, collaboration, and collective commitment to shared goals. Each member brings unique strengths and perspectives to the table, contributing to a dynamic synergy that propels the team forward. Communication flows seamlessly, fostering trust, transparency, and mutual respect among team members..

Criteria For Nominations


  • Application turned in on time
  • Five years after employment for Faculty
  • Ten years after graduation for Alumni
  • Graduate of West Fargo High School for categories of Alumni and Team/Group
  • Outstanding Faculty or Community Member does not need to have graduated from West Fargo High School
  • Outstanding in field
  • Recognized by the general population
  • Others centered
  • Gives back to the community
  • Brings honor to WFHS
  • Advance the cause of education
  • Former employee, not current
  • Sacrifice over years
  • Community service
  • Education as a lifelong experience
  • Dedication to family
  • Already recognized with other awards All State more than once
  • Record holder
  • State Champion
  • Multi-sport athlete
  • Multi co-curricular participant
  • Team captain
  • Post-high school participation
  • National Merits

Review process & honors

Review Process

      • Nominees must receive a 2/3 majority vote to be selected
      • Individuals and teams may be selected
      • Nominations must be resubmitted each year to be considered
      • Nominees must be informed by the nominator that they have been nominated for the Hall of Fame

Honors for Inductees 

    • Homecoming banquet
    • Homecoming halftime appearance
    • Plaque in the display case of West Fargo High School
    • Certificate of Recognition
    • Press Release
    • Featured on the Foundation website